Company Information:
      Anping county Boli wire mesh hardware Products factory was an old established factory which built in the year of 1984. It mainly in the line of producing and selling wire mesh products.

      Anping county Boli wire mesh hardware Products factory was an old established factory which built in the year of 1984. It mainly in the line of producing and selling wire mesh products. Our company located in the industrial zone of Anping county which famous for wire mesh products, with its convenient location , it is only 260 kilometers from Beijing and the Beijing-Kowloon get through the center of the Anping county, also next to the Tanggu seaport in Tianjin city.

      Anping county Boli wire mesh hardware Products factory are specialized in the production of kinds of wire and wire mesh products, it mainly includes: insect netting screen, welded wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, barbed wire, mild steel wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, fence, mining sieve wire mesh, prairie fence wire mesh, copper wire mesh, expanded metal, chain link fence, gabion wire mesh, barbecue wire mesh, conveyer belt, Perforated Metal, beautiful grid wire mesh as well as other products. Metal wire series: stainless steel wire , black annealed wire, galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire.

      We have series branch factory, the capacity is up to 10 million rolls of square wire mesh, 1 million rolls of insect netting screen, 5 million rolls of welded wire mesh, 800,000 rolls of hexagonal wire mesh,36,000 rolls of stainless steel wire mesh, kinds of metal wire 1000 tons. We assure the quality and lead time for the sizeable order, we have been cooperating with many powerful trading companies both domestic and abroad, and the main markets are Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan countries,And gained high reputation.

      We are always keen “the credibility is the future of the enterprise, quality is the life of the enterprise” as the criteria, with perfect quality control system as well as experienced team of workers, we are constantly rising sales prove that quality and credit is our company’s goal, which also proved our ability.

       Anping county Boli wire mesh hardware Products factory all staff welcomes customers home and abroad to visit and negotiate with our company, we are willing to supply top quality products as well as very well after sales service working with our clients both domestic and abroad, with our excellent quality, good service, high reputation, let’s carve a bright future together

      Welcome To Contact Us

      Add: Rm3-4-202, East Area of Taihua, Zhaoyang Road, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang,Hebei, China.
      Tel: +86-311-87789982 Fax: +86-311-87769982
      Factory Address:Ziwen Industry Anping County, Hebei Province, China
      Tel:86-318-7633160 Fax:86-318-7635664

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